Cereal spotlight: Wheat stem sawfly and Wireworms and pheromones for management
Date & Time
Wednesday, January 10, 2024, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Scott Meers Wim van Herk

Scott Meers will give  a very brief review of the wheat stem sawfly life cycle. Current status of wheat stem sawfly populations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Management options and approaches. 

Wim van Herk will speak on: "Wireworms, the soil-dwelling larvae of click beetles, have long been a troublesome pest complex for cereal, potato and vegetable growers in Canada.  Monitoring for, and management of these pests has long been complicated by the larvae’s long life histories, seasonal movements up and down the soil profile, ability to recover from insecticide intoxication, and the variety of species—there is often more than one pest species in a field, and these often differ in damage potential and response to management tactics. Recent research has greatly improved our ability to both monitor and manage these pests, allowing us to better determine when insecticide treatments are required. This talk focuses some of these new tools and how they can be used."