Full Name
Boyd Mori
Job Title
Assistant Professor & NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Agricultural Entomology
Farm Name / Company
University of Alberta
Speaker Bio
Dr. Boyd Mori is an Assistant Professor and NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Agricultural Entomology in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta. His research group focuses on developing integrated pest management strategies for insect pests of field and horticultural crops. Boyd combines foundational and applied research incorporating behavioural, chemical, and molecular ecology to understand and exploit the biology of insect pests, their host plants, and natural enemies. Boyd has worked on insect pests across a wide variety of field crops including alfalfa, canola, quinoa, red clover, pulses, and wheat. He has garnered over $4.1 million in research funding since 2019. Recently, his research group has begun investigating the impact of generalist predators and the potential threat of insecticide resistance across prairie cropping systems.
Boyd Mori